Guiding Investments For Children

Under the guidance of the Juvenile Welfare Board Special Act, the Board has adopted bylaws and policies to ensure the funds entrusted to us by Pinellas County taxpayers promote countywide programs and initiatives that make a clear and visible impact, and are cost-effective. We also adhere to Florida’s ethics laws that guide our service to the public. All reasonable efforts are made to coordinate activities with other planning and funding agencies to eliminate unnecessary duplication and maximize resources. The ultimate goal is to deliver the highest quality services across four strategic focus areas in order to strengthen children and their families.

Board Bylaws

The JWB Board has adopted and subscribes to a set of bylaws that define how the Board is organized and functions.

Board Policies

Reviewed and approved regularly by the Board, this set of documents authorizes and establishes general policy for the operation and work of the organization in carrying out our overall mission.

Code Of Ethics

At the Juvenile Welfare Board, we hold ourselves to high standards of conduct and are guided by the Florida Commission on Ethics – Ethics Laws.