Stories Of Success

At JWB, we love celebrating successes. Here are just a few stories that showcase our investments at work in Pinellas County.

The Biser Family Story

Everything changed when first-time mom Lauren Biser connected with the Nurse-Family Partnership, helping her move from an abusive relationship to a successful life for her and her daughter.
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The Grier Family Story

Father Jeremy Grier, once homeless, was able to regain custody of his two young children plus find stable housing and child care thanks to the Family Services Initiative. Today, the Grier family is thriving - Jeremy is building his career and his children are happy and healthy.
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The Dunn Family Story

Debi took custody of six grandchildren and was in need of support and services as a single grandmother and new caregiver. Kinship, a program of the Children's Home Network, was able to do just that - and the Dunn family is thriving today.
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