Strengthening Faith-Based Partnerships

Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other faith-based organizations have a special relationship with citizens, and have been providing a safety net for struggling families for centuries. JWB recognizes and supports the significant role they play in helping address pressing community issues that impact Pinellas County children and families. We help link social service agencies with faith-based partners, inform their leaders about important issues facing our county’s children, and provide technical assistance to build capacity, fiscal strength, and service quality. To learn more or to join our local efforts, please email us.



JWB recognizes the importance of our faith-based organizations in addressing complex issues that impact children and families and the critical role these organizations play in strengthening our community. Pinellas County has over 600 faith-based congregations, synagogues, and mosques that have a combined 330,000 adherents available to serve our community. JWB Faith-Based Mini-Grants are an opportunity for small faith-based organizations, with annual operating budgets of $500,000 or less, to apply for dollars to strengthen children and families. CLICK HERE for more information.


Family Oriented Concept United to Serve (FOCUS)

Through collaboration and collective partnership, members of the faith-based community have joined social service providers to tackle persistent and plaguing issues that face many communities: homelessness, hunger, unemployment, and addiction, to name a few.  The goal of FOCUS is to foster improved communication, build relationships, maximize resources, and create efficiencies aimed at strengthening communities.

Faith-Based Mini-Grants

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Partnering To Strengthen Community

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