Public Records Requests

The Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County (JWB) operates in accordance with Florida’s Sunshine Law for Public Records and thus any item that meets the definition of a public record will be retained in accordance with the records retention schedule required by law, and upon request will be made available to the public unless the record is confidential and/or exempt from disclosure by law. Per the law, a public record includes, but is not limited to, any and all materials given to or generated by Board members and/or staff regardless of form and related to JWB business.

It is the policy of JWB to ensure public records requests are reviewed and fulfilled in accordance with the law and provide the highest level of customer service in a timely, open, and transparent manner. Click here to download a copy of Florida’s Sunshine Law for Public Records.

To make a public records request, contact the JWB Public Records Custodian:

Olivia Bell
Juvenile Welfare Board, 14155 58th Street North, Clearwater, FL 33760
727.453.5673 | EMAIL ME


Protecting Confidential Information

The Juvenile Welfare Board is responsible for ensuring the security of confidential information regarding children and families. We are guided by statutes, court orders, and binding agreements with our agency partners which prohibit us from disclosing that information to third parties. Data on children and families is collected by JWB for research purposes only. This data is specifically exempted from disclosure pursuant to the Public Records Act by virtue of Section 125.901 (11), Florida Statutes:

Personal identifying information of a child or the parent or guardian of the child, held by a council on children’s services, juvenile welfare board, or other similar entity created under this section or by special law, or held by a service provider or researcher under contract with such entity, is exempt from disclosure requirements.

Requests by parents or legal guardians for information regarding children who may be served by JWB funded programs are respectfully referred to those agencies. Our primary concern is in maintaining the confidentiality of children and families in programs we fund.