Our Focus & Impact

When we invest in programs that help children thrive, we improve their futures. In order for children to thrive, they must be free from abuse and neglect. They must be given opportunities to enter school ready to learn and succeed as elementary, middle, and high school students. Plus, the unique impact their communities and neighborhoods have on their development must be taken into account. JWB’s four strategic focus areas provide a framework for these investments, with a goal to have the greatest positive influence on the children and families of Pinellas County.

  • School Readiness

    To ensure young children enter school ready to learn, JWB invests in services to help them gain foundational skills and achieve developmental milestones needed to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.

  • School Success

    We believe every child deserves to learn and succeed in school, so we invest in services and collective efforts that supplement learning and contribute to appropriate social-emotional development.

  • Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect

    All children have the right to be protected, feel safe, and to be healthy. JWB promotes protective factors and invests in services and collective efforts to support and stabilize families.

  • Strengthening Community

    JWB has a leadership role in identifying community issues and solutions with a primary focus on prevention. Our investments and collective efforts work to address complex problems, while embracing the uniqueness and diversity of communities and neighborhoods.

Stories of Success

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