Partnering To Strengthen Community

JWB believes we have a leadership role in identifying community issues and coming up with solutions with a primary focus on prevention, so we invest in programs and efforts aimed at strengthening community.

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Our investments and collective efforts aim to address complex problems, while embracing the uniqueness and diversity of communities and neighborhoods. Making our community stronger all starts with strengthening our partnerships:


  • Community Councils serve as a bridge between JWB and communities in North, South, and Mid-Pinellas County to maximize citizen participation.
  • Neighborhood Family Centers are located in the highest-need neighborhoods and designed to meet the unique needs of families through specialized services and resources.
  • Faith-Based Partnerships are focused on working with the faith community, linking them with social service agencies and findings solutions to children’s issues.
  • Childhood Hunger collective initiative is aimed at fighting hunger and filling meal gaps for children, especially when they are not in school during summer, weekends, and holidays.

Funded Programs

  • CAP Neighborhood Family Center

    Citizens Alliance for Progress

    P: 727.934.5881

  • Clearwater Neighborhood Family Center

    Clearwater Neighborhood Family Center

    P: 727.442.5355

  • Family Center on Deafness

    Family Center on Deafness

    P: 727.501.2323

  • Food Services for Hungry Children

    G.A. Foods

    P: 727.573.2211

  • GRAYDI Neighborhood Family Center

    Greater Ridgecrest Area Youth Dev't Initiative

    P: 727.584.7200

  • High Point Neighborhood Family Center

    High Point Community Pride NFC

    P: 727.533.0730

  • Hispanic Outreach Center Neighborhood Family Center

    InterCultural Advocacy Institute

    P: 727.445.9734

  • Lealman & Asian Neighborhood Family Center

    Lealman & Asian NFC

    P: 727.528.7891

  • Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center

    Safety Harbor Neighborhood Family Center

    P: 727.791.8255

  • Pinellas County Homeless Leadership Board

    Pinellas County Homeless Leadership Board

    P: 727.582.7916

  • Sanderlin Neighborhood Family Center

    James B. Sanderlin NFC

    P: 727.321.9444


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Fighting Childhood Hunger

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