Investing In Children's Futures

JWB’s revenues consist primarily of ad valorem property taxes, plus other revenue streams including interest and contributions. Our ad valorem property tax rate is less than 1% (.8981), and our fiscal year runs from October 1 through September 30. JWB is authorized to levy the tax based on the Juvenile Welfare Board Special Act.

Budget Process

JWB’s budgetary process is governed by the Juvenile Welfare Board Special Act, Florida’s Uniform Special District Accountability Act, and Florida Statute for Determination of Millage. These laws set forth specific requirements for special district budgets, detail Truth in Millage (TRIM) requirements for adopting ad valorem millage rates, and dictate that an annual written budget of expected revenues and expenditures be adopted each fiscal year. Details of this process are provided below:

Budgets & Budget Amendments

JWB’s budget reflects our commitment to Pinellas County citizens to be accountable for spending tax dollars in a responsible and effective manner. Investments are guided by JWB’s strategic plan across four areas of focus, as adopted by our Board.

Audited Financial Statements

  • FY23 JWB Annual Comprehensive Financial Report Download

JWB’s Audited Financial Statements for prior fiscal years can be viewed on the Florida Auditor General’s website.

JWB’s Annual Financial Report (AFR) can be viewed on the Department of Financial Services’ website.