Tomasina Oliver-Jackson is a 2023-2024 KidsFirst Award Winner

Mar 22, 2024

The Juvenile Welfare Board believes those who work to give children brighter futures deserve recognition.

This week we were pleased to publicly announce our third 2023-2024 KidsFirst Awardee at a surprise presentation by our Chief Program Officer, Karen Boggess.

An outstanding social service professional who consistently goes above and beyond to put children first, Tomasina Oliver-Jackson is a PEMHS Access Navigator with FSI Connect, which means she is the first point of contact for families seeking services from JWB’s Family Services Initiative.

Her nominator, Courtney Covington, described Tomasina as an experienced Intensive Case Manager who “possesses a tremendous work ethic, demonstrates compassionate understanding for those in need, and always seeks a strength-based solution.”

Promptness, reliability, and just-in-time support is important to struggling families, especially those in crisis. Tomasina is known to answer calls on the first ring, eager to help support and stabilize families.

Confidence, calm, and creativity are also critical skills to have – and Tomasina masters them all. In her role, Tomasina is adept at quickly achieving rapport with families and helping them feel at ease, valued, and heard. This is her gift.

The complexity of some FSI cases might be overwhelming for most. But Tomasina draws from her decades of experience, quickly identifying viable resources and solutions for each case. Her superpower is her ability to find strength-based solutions for families – and to never give up or take “no” for an answer. Instead, her mantra is, “How do I get to YES?!”

Tomasina has a servant’s heart and makes the world a more positive place. She is fully present with those she encounters throughout the day, remembering tiny details and radiating relentless joy and hope.

Please join us in congratulating our remarkable KidsFirst Awardee, whom we look forward to celebrating along with three other winners at our KidsFirst Awards Luncheon on April 26th!

View photos from the surprise award announcement.