Uplifting Video by Hispanic Outreach Center Children Spreads Joy

JWB Communications Team | JWB Communications Team

May 05, 2020

As Cinco de Mayo kicks off, the children of the Hispanic Outreach Center partnered with the Juvenile Welfare Board (JWB) to create an uplifting video for everyone coping during COVID-19. The video’s message reminds everyone: Estás en Nuestros Corazones (You Are in Our Hearts)!

The children hope to bring joy to anyone feeling alone or isolated during the pandemic, or to those working on the front lines to care for, protect, and serve others.

The video is part of a series featuring children served by programs funded by the Juvenile Welfare Board, a Pinellas County special taxing district with a 75-year history dedicated to strengthening the lives of children and families. Many of JWB’s programs continued to operate throughout the pandemic, providing child care to essential workers or operating neighborhood centers in communities of highest need, such as the Hispanic Outreach Center. 

Operated by the InterCultural Advocacy Center, the Hispanic Outreach Center is one of eight neighborhood family centers that JWB supports. These centers are located in the heart of their communities, and provide youth programming, basic needs’ assistance to families such as food and financial support, and other unique services based on the populations they serve.

The Hispanic Outreach Center is also partnering with JWB on a virtual Cinco de Mayo event, promoting a number of restaurants featuring Mexican cuisine at the ready for takeout orders. To learn more visit: www.hispanicoutreachcenter.com


About the Hispanic Outreach Center:

The Hispanic Outreach Center (HOC), operated by the InterCultural Advocacy Institute, was founded in 2000 as a partnership with the Clearwater Police Department to provide interpreter services for police officers in the course of their duties and offer advocacy for Spanish-speaking crime victims. Services quickly expanded to include youth programs, intensive family support, English classes, education seminars, legal clinics, and more. HOC continues to be the only multi-service center of its kind in Pinellas County dedicated to strong families, resilient youth, integrated community, educational opportunities, and human rights for Hispanic families. To learn more visit www.hispanicoutreachcenter.org.

About the Juvenile Welfare Board:

The Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County (JWB) has been committed to making children a priority for nearly 75 years. As a countywide special taxing district, JWB invests in 53 nonprofit agencies that deliver 82 quality programs, and served 70,000 Pinellas County children and families last year. JWB’s investments are focused in four strategic areas: school readiness, school success, prevention of child abuse and neglect, and strengthening community. In addition, JWB leads collective initiatives to address childhood hunger, grade-level reading, and preventable child deaths. To learn more visit www.jwbpinellas.org.