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For JWB program-specific questions, please contact your JWB Program Evaluator.

For Apricot360 User Access Requests, please contact your JWB Senior Program Consultant.

Please email JWB Provider Support, at the email noted below, if you need any other assistance.


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Latest News & Updates

Email Correspondence/Identifying Information

As a reminder, it is against JWB policy to include personal or identifying data of Apricot360 Participants in any email correspondence.  When referring to persons, please only use the Participant (Member) ID.  When referring to records, containing identifying participant information, please only use the Record ID for the instance.

Apricot360 Reports

Reporting is now available for use by all agencies.  You will now be able to utilize any reports that have been designated for your respective program.

To guide your utilization of the reporting features, please note that the Apricot360 JWB User Guide, has been updated with a My Reports section for your reference.  For questions related to report utilization or to discuss report functionality, please contact your JWB Senior Program Evaluator.

Summer Attendance Reminder for OST and Literacy programs

Summer attendance for OST and Literacy programs should be included in a new term.  The School Year terms that are currently being used to capture attendance should be end dated based on the last day participants are in attendance for the school year.

For Summer attendance, please create a new term for each site using the naming convention (ProgramLocation|Summer XX). The length of this term should reflect the first day with participants and the last day with participants. A new class should not be created. The new term should be added to your current Class.

Name Change Update

On the Program Enrollment/Episode form, the Referred From and Referred To options for Eckerd Community Alternative (Community Based Care) will be updated to Community Based Care Lead Agency.

Apricot360 System Reconciliation

As a reminder, all users who have not logged into Apricot360 for three(3) consecutive months will be disabled.  New authorization will be required to restore access.

User Access Updates

All Apricot360 Agency User Access Update Forms should be sent to your respective JWB Senior Program Consultant for evaluation.  Please make sure the form is complete and appropriately authorized.  Where possible, please use the fillable PDF version of the form that is available, so readability does not present an issue or cause processing delays.  If you need the fillable PDF, please contact your JWB Senior Program Consultant or refer to the public JWB Provider’s Participant Management page.



JWB Contact Information

Shannon Phillips, Software Applications Support Analyst


Provider Support Information

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Participant Management Trainings

Please contact your JWB Program Evaluator for program-specific Apricot360 training.

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