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 Apricot360 Implementation Timeline

9/10/21: Apricot360 Agency User Access forms were due to your respective JWB Senior Program Consultant.

10/15/21: FY21 data entry must be complete in the GEMS system.

10/15/21: User access to GEMS will be terminated at close of business.

10/11/21 – 10/15/21: All agency user must complete the following basic APRICOT360 SSG Academy Trainings – 101 Tutorial, 201 Tutorial, and 301 Tutorial.

10/18/21 – 10/29/21: Provider users will receive individual program-specific training from your respective JWB Evaluator.

10/29/21: All Provider staff, who have provided an Apricot360 Agency User Access form, will receive an individual email invitation, providing access to the system.

11/1/21: Provider staff will begin entering data into the APRICOT360 production site.


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Pete Shaw, Software & Data Delivery Manager


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JWB Provider Software Support | Email

Participant Management Trainings

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